Team EP Fitness
  How often have you heard the saying: ďIf I knew then what I know nowÖĒ?

  Wow! When I started this journey at the age of 40, never in a million years did I believe Iíd be where I am today! My goals were to get myself healthy and emotionally well. Who knew Iíd find such energy and empowerment? I truly believe I have been blessed with this passion and am excited to share what Iíve learned with others. Itís never too late to start!

In June of 2008, I opened my own studio to provide women with a non- threatening and fun environment in which to learn and grow. My services are continually changing in order to continually challenge and guide my clients on their journey to their individual fitness and wellness goals. In order to support, motivate, encourage and challenge them, I too must continue to grow myself and learn by my personal experiences with training, diet and competition. I always strive to help my clients find realistic ways of incorporating fitness and lifestyle changes into their busy and hectic lives. My ultimate goal is to celebrate with you as you reach your goals. Itís all about balance; itís not all work and no play!

Iíve been blessed to obtain some incredible successes, not only with my own transformation but with many of my clients. The best thing about my clients is that they came to me at varying levels of experience and with different needs and goals. Together we work as a team with individualized training programmes and in some cases meal planning, to create each success story. Itís not always about weight loss, itís about energy, feeling good, reducing stress, mobility, self esteem, confidence and building stronger, healthier minds and bodies. These people are all members of TEAM EP in their own special way.

My facility is very unique. Members are comfortable as itís a very non threatening environment, and provides lots of motivation, encouragement, challenge and variety. Every member of TEAM EP is treated as an individual with a predetermined, focused program based on their own special needs and goals. I strive to address each individual and offer modified exercises for those with injuries or medical conditions which is why I limit my class sizes to a maximum of 6 people.

I provide all potential clients with a free 30 minute consultation to discuss your individual goals and requirements. This is a comprehensive meeting where we discuss previous exercise experience and why previous programs failed, nutrition and current body composition and goal setting. I then help you to determine the best mix of TEAM EP offerings to best suit your goals, lifestyle and budget. I welcome you to book a consultation and tour my studio.

  I do because I can. I can because I want to. I want to because you said I couldn't.